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Just wanted to recomend Ron Petersons in Alb. NM, a very reputable Gun store. I went in to sell my 1851 muzzleloader(had too), and they very honestly showed me the book value and made a fair offer, and explained why the value was less than I had thought. No hard sell, showed me a gun in way better condition than mine, with the asking price just slightly higher than what they were willing to pay for my gun. I like a peson that can look you in the eye, and shake hands on a deal. Was more than satisfied, even thou the gun i have had for years turned out to be of much less cash value than my mind had invested in it.
While I was there, my friend also sold some silver to the bussiness, and tried to sell them some reloads, the staff was very informed, and knew the man that had reloaded them, but couldnt purchase them becouse the man had stopped reloading two years ago, Awesome that they knew all that, The person told me he would shoot them, that they were sound, just that he couldnt purchase them, so I got the shells as my friend no longer had a .357.
Plan on going there next week and spending some of my hard earned "federalist income tax return", and would recommed them.
Will post on the ammo situation, becouse Saturday, when I asked a counter sales person at a pawnshop for "A brick of 22 shells" she just laughed.
maybe we should start a "ammo availability check in", just kinda report what is available at the stores we frequent.
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