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Rifle Plan

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So for starters - I gots rifles :) trying to figure out if I was to have to move what would I grab if I had to bail and I ended up scratching my head because I don't have a single "all around" rifle..... For me, rifle that would be an all around battle/survival rifle would probably be M1A. M1A properly equipped (irons/scope) would be great for up close as well as distance, would take down most of the game and would only need a 22 to augment it to take down small game and birds.

So this means that I'd need three rifles - a bolt action 308, semi auto and a 22. The semi auto I left vague for the moment as I'd be trying to decide between M1Carbine - small, light weight, great for up close and personal or an ar15 in 5.56. I think that I like the simplicity of the M1Carbine but the availability of 5.56 would probably a point or two up for the AR......

Choices, choices... choices....

oh yeah... slow day.... don't feel like doing anything.... so I'm sitting in front of my computer :D
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What are the considerations regarding your rifle?

01) Will it function 365 days a year within the temperature fluctuations you experience: I remember carrying an M16 in Alaska as a young infanteer in February at -40F. It didn't work for shit, neither did the 96+ others in my rifle company. Where I live, a couple of times a year I revisit that temperature.

02) Have the gun grabbers banned my chosen firearm in my jurisdiction. In Canada in May 2020 the government banned 1,500 models and variants of firearms. Getting arrested in peaceful times for possession of an illegal firearm can spoil a lot of prepper plans! Choices can be limited.

03) Does it have reputation for flawless reliability if maintained properly?

04) Is ammunition commonly available? Personally I love my Winchester M94 in .32-40 but if I didn't reload for it I may as well donate it to a museum.

05) Support equipment, are things like Magazines, en block clips, ammunition pouches, etc, readily available? How easy for example would it be able to carry 100 rds of .30-30 over hill and dale that you travel? actually very easy .30-30 fits on 7.62mm charger clips and fit 10 clips per used army issue bandoleer.

06) Accuracy: I live on the bald arsed prairie where you can watch your dog spending 3 days looking for a tree to pee on. For me a 500 yds shot is a distinct possibility. For urban dwellers who are packed into a phone booth 10 at a time a shorter range firearm could be a better choice.

07) Experience: One of the most dangerous places in the world can be your local range while "hunters" who have dragged their rifle out of the closet for the first time in 12 months and are trying to zero it.

08) Safety: do you know how to use it proficiently? Will great grandpa's trapdoor Springfield, that hasn't been fired since the Indian wars still work?

No one firearm is everyone's perfect choice.
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Anyways, I see a lot of folks post up about their lever actions and other rifles and while I love lever actions, what about reloads? The ability to reload is severely limited. From that aspect I'd almost take a shotgun over a lever action rifle.

Looking at the other issue: ammo availability might have an M1A leading over 556 a bit. Seems that 557 goes out of stock fastest as it is a very popular rifle while the 308 might still linger in stock ..

The choices....
01) How often have you ever seen a lever action owner practice? Only a very small percentage of people that use levers are competitive shooters that actually practice reloading on the clock.

02) location, location, location; 5.56 might be good in your neck of the woods, but where I live it takes 3 days of looking for the dog to find a tree to pee on. I like 5.56mm for close in shots. And if the "balloon ever goes up", it will most likely be a come as you are type of event.
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