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Rifle Plan

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So for starters - I gots rifles :) trying to figure out if I was to have to move what would I grab if I had to bail and I ended up scratching my head because I don't have a single "all around" rifle..... For me, rifle that would be an all around battle/survival rifle would probably be M1A. M1A properly equipped (irons/scope) would be great for up close as well as distance, would take down most of the game and would only need a 22 to augment it to take down small game and birds.

So this means that I'd need three rifles - a bolt action 308, semi auto and a 22. The semi auto I left vague for the moment as I'd be trying to decide between M1Carbine - small, light weight, great for up close and personal or an ar15 in 5.56. I think that I like the simplicity of the M1Carbine but the availability of 5.56 would probably a point or two up for the AR......

Choices, choices... choices....

oh yeah... slow day.... don't feel like doing anything.... so I'm sitting in front of my computer :D
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Back on track...

Slippy. You’re old. Sorry bud... put the rifle back in the truck. ;)

I have a variety of rifles from a .22 takedown to a 1919 7.65 Argentine Mauser and a few in between including the AK and AR.

Since I live somewhat rural I don’t have the issue of bailing out.

But if I did, I’d take the .22 takedown and the 870 with some slugs and 00.

IF I had to leave, I’m not going to be reaching out greater than 100 yards/meters or feet for that matter. The Remington 870 with a variety of loads is good for many things and the 22 make up the difference. The takedown is so small and light it’s very easily carried. Ammo weights nothing.

Shotgun is a great equalizer.

IF i had to run, I don’t want to be found.

Now, staying home is another story and have a different strategy including range markers on our dead end street and I will reach out and touch someone.

Unless they bring Irish Whiskey.. or good sipping bourbon.. oh hell.. just bring some tequila and Rita mix and call it a day.
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I love my 336 30-30... early 90’s model.

The rest of them.. well, lost them in a boating mishap.
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