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Rice a Roni

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Hi all I'm new because I have a question for you experts. Just brought home some rice a roni to dry pack in canning jars. First two boxes went okay but the next ones, those little packets of flavoring, like dry soup mix, are not powdery at all and sticking together as if they were exposed to humidity.

We don't eat rice a roni so I'm not sure if this is normal and if it's safe to vacuum seal with oxygen absorbers in that state.

I bought it for my kids and grandkids who eat that kind of stuff but I guess in a pinch we'd eat it too.

What do you think?
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The problem with rice a roni is that the oils in it will go rancid even if you put it into a jar with O2A. It's just not long term storage material. You're better off to have rice and seasonings and bone broth. I do understand though that if you don't can stuff yourself this would be much more expensive and of course it will take up more space.

For pasta roni we buy noodles when there is a good sale and store cheese powder. By watching sales this actually comes out cheaper although I can't tell you how long the powder will last in storage if you are doing it yourself because we haven't been doing it for very long.
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