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Review of the Sightmark Ultra Shot

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Today, I was able to take my AR out to the range to sight in my newest purchase. A Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Reflex sight with Digital Switch, and 5x Magnifier. If you are looking into one of these, BUY IT. Mixed reviews made me hesitate, but mine was great. Certain people have had issues with it turning off after every shot, and believe that it can't handle the recoil of 5.56. Simply not true. I did have an issue with mine turning off after every shot, but I TIGHTENED THE BATTERY COVER. No more issues. Easy to sight in and maintained all day. The glass on the 5x magnifier is extremely clear, and the flip to side mount, while a little loose performed as expected. Overall, very pleased with my purchase, if not my marksmanship.
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Good to know, thanks. I try to stick with Eotechs and Aimpoints for all my ARs but this Sightmark may be a nice less-expensive option.
I have two and love them, both are on my AR's. Great product for the prices. My also is just a little loose too, but effect by hit the target where I aim.
For most normal use ranges of an AR or AK it is hard to beat a good reflex site. Those weapons are made to hit targets not drive tacks at a range shoot out.
Enjoy your new tool
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