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Review my review [Ruger LC 380]

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Review my review [Ruger LC 380]

Just wanted to know if people thought this was a decent review and what if anything I missed that you wanted to see/know.

Specifically: do you need to see the range video of it for a review to be complete? Or is a still photo with the info good enough?

Thanks. :mrgreen:

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Thank you, good points

Reviews should skip the art form video and just get with the review
Same size as the LC9 . The LCP 380 being smaller is hard for some to adapt to and get a good hold on.
The LC380 is a response to customers wanting a slightly larger 380.
LCP,LC9,LC380 basically the same weapon of course the LCP is smaller in size.
The safety is not really meant to be used that is why they have a longer trigger pull and reset.
To be cool now you must object to every safety feature on any weapon
Just the fact is has one draws bad reviews.
The Mag safety IMO is a good idea. most negligent discharges with auto's happen when mag has been removed.
It is easy enough to remove if you feel it could slow you down in a muilt- target gun fight.
The trigger on all 3 of these weapons is pretty close to the same and works just fine if you know how to shoot.
A CC weapon should not have a light target range trigger.
Some will argue why mess with a 380 that is the same size as a 9mm just go with the 9mm.
Sensible argument, but the 380 packs a punch will do the job and shoot a bit lighter .
Ruger is among the top sellers in hand guns they sell more of one model than companies like glock do their entire line.
I have read in the past that the 380 was the number one seller.
I own the LCP and LC9. Family ,member has the LC380 so I have shot a few mags through it.size comparison
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Does just what it should I would have no problem carrying it, but why when I already have an LC9 if I want to go sub compact.
Thank you: good points. I think I need a quick 5 second tag [or less] like most other gun type channels instead of the longer one I have currently.

LC 380 does have nice sights that the LC 9 does not. Easier slide manipulation with lighter spring than LC9. I don't have enough experience with other weapons to form a valid comparison. The heavier slide with the lighter caliber combo allows faster follow up shots on target due to less recoil/ rise. Like I said in the review, I am still just a slightly above mediocre shooter.

Thanks for your input! I shall endeavor to keep improving.:mrgreen:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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