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Hello fellow preppers.

I've never done a review so bear with me and please critique.

Here is a simple review of my new toy, the Leatherman Style® CS.

I was able to purchase this multi-tool at Home Depot for $14 USD. The same day I saw it for $20 at Sears.

To start off, this multi-tool is small....very small. And weighs in at a whooping 1.4 oz.
Closed lenght is a little less than 3" and blade lenght is about 1 1/2" long.

Mostly stainless steel construction with a little plastic on one of the handles.
Opening the multitool reveils the spring action scissors. Boy these scissors are strong. I've already been able to cut thru 1/8" paper towel dowels. The spring-loaded blades of the scissors are very precise and about an inch long.

From the closed position, the main blade (only blade), and the nail file/screwdriver are accessable. The blade is very sharp out of the box, as I've tested its sharpness by its ability to "shave" hair off my chin. The nail file also works great at filing finger nails, and the flat tip works for fine flathead screws. Even though Leatherman claims this screwdriver is a Philips/Flathead, it is only a flat head and it could be used as a Philips if nothing else was available.

The carabiner/bottle opener clips onto beltloops and zippers on my pack easily, but is too small for clipping onto a molle strap. The bottle opener is simple and works.

The tweezers are really good. For their tiny size, I didn't expect them to be worth a damned, but they do a good job of removing chin hair, nose hairs (ouch), and if I ever get a splinter, I will go for these tweezers first.

Overall, considering the price, construction, usability, size, and weight, I would rate this tool 4 out of 5 stars.

Pros - Size, Weight, Carabiner Clip, Sharp Scissors, Tweezers, Price

Cons - Very Small, Limited Functions

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this mini multi-tool. Its priced very well, is a great size, and would be a great addition to any Everyday Carry System.

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Very good review - thanks. You mentioned it's small size several times . . . maybe this tool would be the one for your keychain or zipper on a coat and it could compliment a larger tool that stays in a fixed location. Leatherman makes quality products. Durability and function is much more important than price (within reason) when the SHTF.
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