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Smitty, Montana, and Meangreen -

I think more and more people are coming to realize the same things you all understand. The folks that started the whole fiat money supply knew they could not completely divorce money from tangible value all at once, or even in one generation; that is why they call them "progressives". Obama knows he cannot seize all retirement accounts, all at once. So he will take them one company at a time (GM), or just over some arbitrary amount. When that is gone (June or so), he will move onto the next group of producers and loot them.

Your three posts kind strike at why I have been coming to this site in the first place. I am not a prepper because I am afraid of some catastrophe. - I have been through a few catastrophes, and though they are never pleasant; they do end. I am here because I am going to build my own personal "Galt's Gulch" and you guys are teaching me how.
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