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Just phase one he will get to you. Just sit back a wait.
For a married couple that have saved an invested a life time 3 mil is not a hard number to have put away for retirement. just sounds like a lot.
But he knows that will stir up more class warfare for his cause.
Then they like to pretend IRA's are tax free they are NOT. You pay the tax as you draw you own money out they are never tax free. And if you pass any on to your children they take that also.
Your home when you end up on medicare time to wake up.
Obama plan, It not you business you did not build it, There not your children, it is not your savings it will never stop.
Now get on the peoples bus , ride over pick up your free phone and bus pass and be quiet.
Haha smitty you should not drink and post but your arguments are valid...

Retirement accounts will be seized in the near future, if you have funds in 401k or sep Ira get them and put buy preps.

Look at history people this is the normal progression, seizing bank accounts is new but should be figured into the process.

Any fiat money in the system is not yours
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