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Reports of 2 more Mass Shootings - Detroit & Philadelphia

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Since late last night, reports of 2 more mass shootings has occurred.
Detroit - 10 Shot, 1 dead.
Philadelphia - 7 Shot with no fatalities reported (kids involved)

My question is why no MSM coverage? The local news reported something but nothing on FOX or MSNBC

Any thoughts?
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FOX is a legitimate national news source, but MSNBC? Are you kidding me? So the 62 people who watch MSNBC do not know about these shootings?

What about CNN or ABC or NBC or CBS? Did any of them report these shootings? Of course not.

Mass shootings only pass national news muster if the shooter is white, and the victims are black, children, and unable, or unwilling, to defend themselves.
None of the traditional old media should be trusted by anybody, IMHO. The last trustworthy man on television was Edward Murrow's boy Walter Cronkite.
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