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Reports of 2 more Mass Shootings - Detroit & Philadelphia

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Since late last night, reports of 2 more mass shootings has occurred.
Detroit - 10 Shot, 1 dead.
Philadelphia - 7 Shot with no fatalities reported (kids involved)

My question is why no MSM coverage? The local news reported something but nothing on FOX or MSNBC

Any thoughts?
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Even more often ignored are the stories of citizens shooting back and either causing the criminal to flee or killing them.
Last month in Georgia, a potential mass-shooting was stopped by a citizen carrying a gun. A man entered a liquor store that had taken his ID earlier in the day. He raised a gun and killed the clerk, followed by turning the gun on customers. After receiving return fire, the high-tailed it out of there. The Sheriff credited the armed customer with saving the lives of the others in that store.
Just this morning, our local DFW news channel was reporting a shooting in Dallas that left on of the suspects dead.
The would be robbers attacked 2 people as they were leaving a restaurant. They asked for a light, and then pulled on masks and pulled out a gun. The victim reached for his own gun kept in his car. A shootout occurred, leaving one suspect dead, the other suspect running for the hills, and one victim wounded in non-serious condition.

Will these stories ever reach the national media?
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