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Reports of 2 more Mass Shootings - Detroit & Philadelphia

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Since late last night, reports of 2 more mass shootings has occurred.
Detroit - 10 Shot, 1 dead.
Philadelphia - 7 Shot with no fatalities reported (kids involved)

My question is why no MSM coverage? The local news reported something but nothing on FOX or MSNBC

Any thoughts?
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Because it was probably black on black in a black only neighborhood and the media and Liberals cant get the narrative out of that story that they would like. Now had they been able to confirm the shooter was something other than Black, Muslim or Illegal Alien , that story would be blowing my TV up with the 24/7 coverage we would be inundated with.

I don't know about you but I am seeing another run on Guns, Ammuntion...glad I have stacked reloading components deep the last year or so as it became available.
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