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Sharing the house with others who are not "on board" with your preparedness could pose a potential risk, or what we often refer to as a violation of "OPSEC" (Operational Security).
Any time there is a risk of others discovering what we've been doing, or our own "loose lips" giving away too much information to unknown people, it's considered a violation of "OPSEC", as we have now potentially exposed our plans to another who may not be trustworthy.
Even if you know the person well, you don't know who they might talk to, and how much that 3rd person can be trusted.
"Loose lips sink ships" is an old American phrase for describing this risk. Secrets should stay secret.

To that end, I would recommend that any storage solution you go with be concealed and/or intentionally mis-labeled so as to throw off or confuse prying eyes. A box labeled "winter coats" wouldn't get a second look from anyone randomly looking in a closet.
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