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I hope I am understanding your needs. I see you are storing foods in their original packaging. So I must ask, how long do you plan on storing these foods? And do you intend to rotate the foods frequently?
I ask because some of the foods will have a relatively short period of time they will remain nutrious, depending on the type of food.

Since I do not know your level of knowledge regarding storage techniques, please do not be offended if I start from my beginning.
I used a similar type of storage, when I began years ago. Since then, I have progressed to very long term storage (10 to 20 years) by repackaging my dry food preps (rice, flour, dehydrated potato products, powdered milk, etc.) into aluminized Mylar bags, using oxygen absorbers to eliminate the degradation of the nutrient value/taste of the food. In addition to oxygen degrading the food, ultraviolet light from sunlight has a similar affect. The aluminized coating on the Mylar helps to eliminate that problem. Obviously foods packaged in cans won't suffer the affects of ultraviolet light. Foods I purchase that are in clear class containers (jelly/jam,pickles, syrup, and home canned foods), that are going into storage for 3-6 years, I wrap with aluminum foil to block ultraviolet light. Semi-transparent containers like storage container in your photographs will not block ultraviloet light, if they are exposed to sunlight. Opaque storage containers will do a better if not adequate job. The one great thing about large storage containers, as in your photos, it ability to stack containers.
I have read on this forum, some people will add blocks or other devices under the legs of beds and other funiture to enable them to slide sorage containers under the furniture to conceal the container.

The little I remember of German as well as most European residences is the small size compared to US residences. Storage space always seemed minimal. I might suggest when purchasing canned foods from stores, to save enough money to purchase an entire case of food, making it easier to store and stack. From my experience, the type of containers in your photos will waste a great deal of volume unless you can find very small item to pack into the crevices. A few of my friends have used stacks of either cartons of food or storage containers as tables next to chairs and sofas, by covering them with a nice fabric throw.
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