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I have been running this sale for over 4 years on other forums. I am not an Ivy league economy professor but I will go out on a limb and say we are still in a recession. I figured I would run this sale here as well.

Lately the news networks are buzzing with the word Recession. Some will argue we are currently in a recession, others will say that we are rapidly approaching a recession, while others still say that everything is just fine. Regardless of which camp you want to side with, we would like to save you some money!

EDC Depot would like to introduce our Recession Sale. Here is how it works...If the DOW closes on Friday lower than it opened at on that Friday morning, we will activate the coupon "STOCKS". This coupon code is good for a 10% discount on all purchases made beginning Friday, after 5:00pm EST through the following Sunday, ending at midnight EST. Come 12:01 am Monday morning, the code deactivates. This will repeat on a weekly basis until further notice.

Remember, this coupon will give you a 10% discount on your purchase from EDC Depot only when the DOW closes on a Friday lower than it opened that morning. If the DOW is up for that Friday, the coupon will not be activated.

EDC Depot wants to pick you up even when the economy is down.
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