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rebuilding America

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Ok, here is just a few measly ideas.
Three months, for every citizen, soldier, diplomat, whatever to come home. No consulats, no nothing.
Zero help to any other country for one year. None. Take care of americans.
All returned military are at schools or border, respect the veterans.
Closed borders. No one gets in. Sorry.
Reevaluate govt.
Smaller. Not bigger.
Welfare is temporay.
Just a start. Tired of typing on phone.
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Government needs a good douching. Welfare need to be redone as well. No more steak and shrimp for food stamps. I just love how they can go in and buy about whatever they want with food stamps. Our justice system needs to be redone as well. Anyone that likes Sean Penn and the rest of the liberal celebrities needs to be executed! Well, most of em
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Man where can I get shrimp and steak about 4.43 per day? Average amount of food stamps is $133 per month.

Now you want to stop illegal immigration that is easy. Re-issue social security cards with a card that can't be duplicated to all citizens and those that are here on a work visa. Any person caught working without the proper card arrest the person that hired them and give them some jail time and a strong fine the first time. A second time they lose their business the same as a mobster would lose all of his property if caught and convicted.

I agree that our justice system needs to be redone though take the business out of it of running prisons as now one in the system you will never get out of it.

As for the liberals I guess the same could be said about conservatives however people have a right to say what they believe even if you don't like it. That is unless you want a totalitarian government.
I have seen them buy steak and stuff with food stamps MANY times. My stepdaughter used to work as Publix when she was in school and said that almost every day someone would come in and get seafood and steak with food stamps. I have been in line before and have had them buying steak,chops and a buggy full of junk food and then pull out their ebt card. All while wearing $200 shoes,gold all over and then go out and get in their Escalade with 22in spinners!!

I agree that prisons are being run as businesses instead of what they are meant for..

As for liberals and conservatives having the right to say what they want. There is freedom of speech even though the liberal side has ruined this country..
We need to stop giving BILLION in aid to foreign countries where most of the population would just assume see us dead!! Spend the money here in our own country! Hell, we just gave like $1.3 billion to Egypt alone this year! But cut MANY American jobs due to budget cuts!! You would think those jobs would help with the economy..
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No more N A F T A!!
The do pay taxes and unless hired off the books, which is illegal by the employer. They then they do pay into the system regardless. Oh and I'll bet many more are working on the books than off especially in places like the farming industry.
I have to disagree with this. I have worked in the produce/veg farming industry for many years.. Some of the very large companies stick with 'documented" workers and I use that term loosely. The vast majority that had papers change them up almost every year. They use ss card from friends,family and whoever else they can get them from. Then they claim 8-10 dependents. There are a few that are working legally but not the majority.

Now when you get into the smaller to medium sized farms that is where the vast majority of illegals work. A lot pay cash and don't even bother with papers.. Over the years, even some of the ones I thought were documented turned out to be illegal. You could hear them talking about where they were going to get their next ss card or other paperwork for the next season.

Then come payday they were down the street at the habib store sending western union to Mexico. So the majority of the money they make doesn't even go here. I asked a few of them over the years about sending money to Mexico. They say they send more than half back there. That is why so amny live together and drive around together. It is a way to save money.. Actually, it is kind of smart.
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I don't disagee at all other than there are taxes on every item we consume except the air we breath so they pay into the system even though they don't pay income tax. Though when you think about the money the actually make for the work they do under the table if they where ligament they probably still wouldn't pay much income tax either.
Agreed, but when they send a majority of their paycheck to Mexico, they are not spending it here and it is not being taxed. So we are losing billions or more just on that alone. Add welfare and medical on top of that to illegals and they are costing this country a fortune.
Don't get me wrong. The guys that worked for me were some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. I would work em 100 hrs a week and they would ask to be on a cleanup crew or something to make more overtime. They never called in sick or complained about anything I ever asked them to do. There were several when I left my last company that wanted to come work for me out here.. I had over a dozen that followed me to 3 different places over the years. They would invite me to their homes for dinner and parties and I would have them over for parties and stuff. I always treated them with respect. I know some were legal and some of the others I questioned in my mind but wasn't sure. Just because they are good people doesn't mean they can break the law though. If someone wants to come here the right way and work hard like they did. I am ALL for it. But the ones that hop the fence and milk the system are not helping this country one bit..
Sounds like a scumbag..
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