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rebuilding America

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Ok, here is just a few measly ideas.
Three months, for every citizen, soldier, diplomat, whatever to come home. No consulats, no nothing.
Zero help to any other country for one year. None. Take care of americans.
All returned military are at schools or border, respect the veterans.
Closed borders. No one gets in. Sorry.
Reevaluate govt.
Smaller. Not bigger.
Welfare is temporay.
Just a start. Tired of typing on phone.
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Offer incentives for employers to hire Americans?
How about this - any employer caught hiring an illegal goes to jail. The 2nd one caught hiring an illegal goes to jail for twice as long as the first.
E-Verify. The program is in place. Whatever federal bureaucrat is in charge of this program, which doesn't even work, needs to go to jail as well.

There is your employer "incentive" Mr Resiter - follow the stinkin' law or go to jail.
When is this country going to quit paying lip service to the laws on the book? There is another thread here about is this still a country of laws. The only laws that seem to be enforced are those who keep working, heterosexual, Christian, American CITIZENS down.
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