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Realizing it's time.

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My wife and I are from Conn. Just now have we realized that it's time stop talking about how we think its a great idea to prep. And @@@k we need to catch up! I'm afraid of nuclear fallout and my wifes fears are nature kicking our butt. Either way we need to learn how to be better preppers. Like 1. How can or can you purifie water in some way after a nuclear bomb gos off 100 miles from home. We def want to add a bunker along with a steel hull sail boat so if its time to leave the bunker we have options. Were planning a 6 rabbit meat farm for protein oh and chickens for meat and eggs. Anywho It's great to be here umoung friends.
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Welcome to the group.
Welcome to the forum from Texas. Glad your here with us. Hope to see you around and see you often.
Welcome, I've been thinking about why Palisades has closed down a dozen times in the last few years. It's about 70 miles away and is just like the Japs ones that's melted down.
Welcome from Texas. My wife is from Stonnington and I was stationed at Groton twice, once as a student and once as training staff, and other duties. It's a beautiful state, but I'm more comfortable visiting for short periods of time rather than living there! The entire state is ground zero.
Welcome from Sin City, Nevada
Welcome from Canada
Thanks for the welcome everyone. It sure is ground zero. But its home and were planning a bunker for worst case. Min of 3' underground. I've already had a good response to one of my questions in another forum. We might have to restart the US as we know it. And I'm liking the group of people I'll be doing it with. :)
Welcome from central Florida!

Welcome from Jersey. It's never too late to start. Lots of ppl here to help n not judge. Just peruse the site ask any ?'s u have n there's always someone here to help. Hope to hear more from you..
Welcome from Florida.
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