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Or delusional...

I've been thinking about this for some time now - how long would you really last given your current state of preparedness? Take any crisis (most likely shtf) and apply that question ..... And be brutally honest.

I Prep for my family. 3 people and pets and we can last about a year on current preps. After that we'd have to get real creative but I have ideas on that too. But it would be hard.

But the reality is that after a year, we might need help. What does help look like is what worries me.

We have water.. Enough for a long long long time.. We have food for up to 12 months if we stretch and we have a small garden with some fruit trees. We also have access and capability for fishing. We have shelter and arms to defend along with the training. But, we live in a suburb of a large city (and no, I'm not moving to bfe just because something "might" happen) so long term "farming" or raising bunnies or whatever isn't possible. Yeah, maybe at 12 months we'd take the boat and bailout to another part of the world.... But that's a huge unknown too.

So what do you think? Brutally honest... How long could you last and then what? Btw, I don't won't advice or comments on my Preps. I use mine as an example. The question is to you... Can you honestly say you'd make it?
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Remember Pirate, a lot of things can change in a year's time. In a EOTWAWKI situation, a lot of lesser prepared people will be dead in a year's time, leaving much more resources for the rest of us. Heck, in a year's time, you could go from a secluded prepper cut off from civilization, to the leader of a medium sized encampment/ makeshift community.
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