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The thing to understand is Watts x Amps = Volts

OR Watts/Volts = Amps

In other words your 235w panel at 29 volts will give you about around 8 amps of power

Keep in mind that the "volts" is at maximum sunlight, so on an overcast day it will be 40-50% of the rating

Therefore think of this panel as 4 amps per hour (when the sun is shining)

in the summer is shines almost 12 hours a day, in the winter where I live it is 6 hours a day.

So let us figure 6 hours a day x 4 amps is 24 amps which will run a typical chest freezer about 12 hours.

So 2x of these panels will run a chest freezer all day.

I'm talking rough figures as the temperature and total sunlight makes a big difference.

Currently I am running 2x chest freezers (total 48cf) my 220 volt 1hp well pump and my very current refrigerator (freezer drawer on the bottom) on a 3750 watt system on a 48V battery MPPT at 45 Degrees Latitude with no problem.

That is 15 of your solar panels but mine are 250 watts each.

IT IS NOT cheap, but unless we bet a EMP I will be golden for frozen meat and refrigeration.
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