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Quail update

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I'm impressed.

The quail are indeed a viable alternative to chickens for small scenarios, hell even big scenarios these could be a great route to take for a prepper I know mine are. I've mentioned the ability to keep them indoors because of their cleanliness and that they are cheaper, but they are also cold hardy and just a simple easy alternative to chickens.

I've been eating the eggs, replacement for eggs check. They taste better and have all good cholesterol, you get about a teaspoon sized sunny side up. Made batter with it tonight. Much more gourmet than chicken I think and they fluff up and hold air well. You need to open them with a sharp knife, easy enough with a learning curve of 5 or so.

So the incubator build, what to say. It worked. It worked way way better than I thought. I have 22 chicks as of now and probably will see most of the remainder hatch. There's a lot of eggs in there still. I lost three chicks to the water bowl inside, dont understand how they managed to climb it but they went in. Then all the others started coming. 4, 3, 2, 2, 4, 3 just pumping them out. two are in there now pipping the shells so here come nightfall I am betting on seeing a few more before I hit the sack. So I've effectively doubled the size of my flock (covey) for almost no money in a turnover of around 19 days. In a month and a half, by the time summer is here, they'll be grown. That's impressive. I did lose one to a cooper's hawk, it stuck it's head out and the hawk grabbed it and killed it before I shood it off. BUT luckily now I have another possibly 20-30 to chose from for a replacement. I think I'll pack as many into the main population pens as I can and build some more space.

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i just made an incubator 3 days ago got it close to regulated and put eggs in it yesterday, guess i'll know if it works in about 16 days :)
been having i high humidity around 60, i got it down in the 50's but that still seems a little high, what you all think? im doing courtnix and Texas A&M quail,
also have chickens and rabbits here on the homestead. btw whoever said they needed permits or whatever courtnix arent a wild /game animal so you shouldnt need anything to raise them. (as i understand it anyway)

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mine stays above 60% humidity, i thought i had read somewhere that if the humidity was to high during the early stages they would drown in the shell? and i'm with Leon on this from what ive read 55 to 70 humidity and that 70 is only last week to help the shells soften or something.

and yes post that bacon wrapped quail recipe lol i'll try it :)
I had something kill 2 of my quail same way, ripped their heads off. i went out in the morning and theres a quail laying in the cage without a head. i made them a new cage with smaller 1/4 square holes so they cant stick their little heads out of the cage. i'm not sure if it was a hawk or racoon. after the first one was killed i went out the next night and saw some bird of prey sitting on my chicken coop eyeing up the quail but it flew before i could tell if it was a hawk or owl that same night i caught a racoon in a trap. i caught 2 racoons and relocated them about a week ago and built the new cage and havent had any more casualties so far.
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