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Protect and Serve?

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More cops out of control...

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I'll break it down too...

This guy calls the police and reports that he has been "Forcibly Removed" from the place he was living. My question is why?
We don't know why. The cop never bothered to ask him, or, for that matter, anyone else.

He reports that he was punched in the face. Again, why? He claims being held down (could have been) and punched. The injury was minor.
Again, they never bothered to ask why. Are you suggesting it's OK to punch people in the face as long as you only inflict "minor" injuries?

He reports that his belongings were placed on the porch. Indicates he probably doesn't have a lot of stuff and perhaps he is "couch surfing".
Are you suggesting that civil rights only belong to those who have lots of stuff? Does the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights only protect rich people?

As a cop, I start putting these pieces together, keeping in mind there are 2 sides to every story.
These cops didn't seem that interested in hearing 2 sides of any story. They didn't seem that interested in hearing the story at all. They did seem interested in proving they are hard guys who don't take any shit from civilians.

Then, as I'm talking to you, you start getting verbally aggressive (a precursor to possible physically aggressive behavior), dropping "F-Bombs" (Disorderly Conduct/Fighting Words - Another precursor).
Bad thoughts are also "a precursor to possible physically aggressive behavior." Maybe we should monitor thoughts and beat anyone who doesn't toe the party line? Police have the right to protect themselves from ACTUAL physically aggressive behavior. Police have no right to step up in someone's face and escalate the situation until they feel justified in smacking that person in the head and putting them in a pain hold until they respect the cop's authority.

As I step closer to you, you posture (puffing out your chest/clenching your fists) and then ask "Do you know who you're talking to? I'm a United States Soldier and you better recognize." At this point, in my mind, a physical attack by YOU is imminent. I would however have given him the opportunity (warning) to settle down a little bit and have a reasonable conversation so I could help him. After that, his actions would have determined the course.
So the cops can posture by stepping in your face, but you can't puff up yer chest? LOL Really? The guy was a moron, no doubt about it. A reasonable response from the 2 police officers would be to keep their distance and de-escalate the situation, not do everything they can to push it to the next level. As far as I can see, all 3 of them are pretty much morons.

With that aside, DONE DEAL. And you hit the ground. They were much nicer than I would have been, as it would have been a straight trip to jail, not a mere documentation of my contact.
Thanks for the warning.

Logically speaking, we all know why he was kicked out of the apartment by his buddies. He's an a**hole. I can guarantee they got sick of his crap, told him to leave, he postured up on them, got popped in the lip, and tossed out with his stuff following behind him. This tells me that he is no longer in the military and doesn't have a pot to p*ss in or a window to throw it out of.
Logically speaking, I have no idea why he was kicked out. Logically speaking, neither do you.

As I said, I do think this guy is a moron. That's not the way to talk to the police. He was a little out of line, which is more or less understandable after his "ordeal." But the cops are supposed to be the ones with cool heads. It's their job to deal with assholes all day, and you know what? Nobody put a gun to their head to make them join the force. If they can't do the job, they shouldn't have the job.

These cops were out of line... period.
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Yes Inor, peace loving environmentalists must be crushed under the hobnailed jackboots of the New World Order. Anyone who can recite even a single line from Cheech & Chong is an obvious danger to the American way of life and should be dealt with!

Dave's not here man.

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I mean honestly Doodle, if I approached you on the street, was rude to you from the onset, then puffed out my chest at you, clinched my fists and told you "You don't know who you're dealing with, you better recognize"; just what exactly would you be inclined to do? With the knowledge that you have a complete inability to retreat? You see, police can't just walk away. They have a duty to act. An "Inability to Retreat". What would you do? And let's forget the badge. Just two men with one being confrontational and aggressive.
I would slap you upside the head, then jump on you and beat you until I got tired. This is why I will never become a LEO.

I'm not anti-police. I recognize they do a thankless, dangerous job for a bunch of people who mostly resent them. I don't have the mindset to be a cop because I would probably just shoot too many fools. But, you see, that's the difference. Yeah, cops are human, I get that. The job wears you down, I get that too. Still... excess is excess.

And yeah, I saw you said they made mistakes and I agree, so did mister pufferchest. The "soldier" guy paid for his mistake, the cops get away with it. Sorry, but there is something wrong there. It's a tough job, hats off to those who do it with honor. There is nothing wrong with expecting accountability from the police.
I have never been in any more trouble than traffic violations. Never been cuffed, never sat in a cop car. BUT, whenever I was required to interact with law enforcement I simply treated them with courtesy. And they were courteous in return. Basic stuff, folks.
Same here. I treat cops with courtesy because I think they deserve courtesy. They do a dangerous, thankless job that needs doing, and the last thing I'm gonna do is make their job harder.

But I do not and will never treat them with courtesy because I am afraid they will beat me if I don't. If it ever gets to the point where I feel that way, then they don't deserve my courtesy and will get none. If they beat me to death over it, so be it. At least I'll go down fighting for what I see as right, and I won't die in fear of anyone or anything.
By examining situations like this in detail with the luxury of being removed from the immediate danger, we can learn valuable lessons which will serve us well if faced with a similar situation on the streets. If this can help even one cop to diffuse a situation before resorting to such tactics, it has not been a waste of time to talk about.

I would gladly let that kid get punched in the face 100 times if it would encourage the small minority of "god" cops to think about their actions before acting the way that one acted.

The fact that nearly all of the civilians thought the cop's actions were extreme while nearly all of our cop members saw nothing wrong with the way the situation was handled points to a serious problem, at least in my opinion. The police work for us, the civilians, and we set the guidelines that control their allowable responses to situations. And no, we as civilians, don't have to sit there and take it. This isn't a police state yet.

And again, I say that I do respect the police, and won't let the actions of a small minority taint the reputation of a mostly noble breed who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. However, I still say that the small minority of police who refuse to toe OUR line need to be held accountable for their actions.
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