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Protect and Serve?

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More cops out of control...

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The cop in this situation escalated the situation when he moved closer to a man who was already upset. If he hadn't stepped forward facing the issue it would have been easier to diffuse the situation. He could have simply told the guy to sit down while he checked on the story the other guys had. Then armed with both sides of the story he could have given some options to whomever was more wrong. He could have cited the ones who hit the other guy (or used it as a threat) and told the guy with the split lip that he had no choice but to get his gear and clear out. It wouldn't have put the cop in the position of a "jack booted thug" and the whole situation might have been resolved.

When in a confrontation the last thing a cop should do is escalate the situation. The get classes on that sort of thing. (or used to)
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Both people interacting in the video had multiple options to keep the situation cool. The kid (if not in age, emotionally) could have held his anger in check, stepped back when the officer moved in, and asked for the assistance they were there to provide. Both cops could have kept it cooler too, by not advancing into his space, by splitting up to check out the rest of the story, and by being less defensive from the start.

How would I have responded to the kid? I really don't know, I might have done exactly the wrong thing - and I am trained to counsel so there you have it. Emotions get into whatever we happen to be doing. It takes a very special person, with exceptional training, to go into an agitated confrontation without letting it get to them.

I treat cops with guarded courtesy - I am assertive but I try not to be confrontational. They have a tough job to do and those that do it well (most of the time) have my respect.
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