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The mining claims show up on eBay quite often. I am of the belief there has to be
some mining activity - but really that's not hard.

Let me make an alternative, yet more risky, suggestion. Go hiking. Find an BLM
property that is literally in the middle of no where. Find the right flat on the side
of a hill, mountain, etc - be at least 5 miles from any maintained road way.

Once you find this gem you could pursue the mining claim or simply risk burying
your goods. The later means they are at risk, but unless they are going to start
strip mining the space its a pretty decent risk. After "STHF" proving you own
something is going to be hard, but being on it and working it is going to get you
the possession is 9/10ths of the rule thing. You might bury a cheap tent, a first
aid package, some rice, beans, ammo. Who knows how far you are willing to go.
Hell each trip you take, hiking, you may leave more and more preps behing and
it didn't cost you a darn thing.

I was actually thinking of scouting the BLM properties around me for these very
spots and letting people I know - have at them.
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