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Besides my firearms I maintain a recurve 180lb. metal crossbow as well as ample supply of field tip bolts (arrows) and (25) 20" bolts with folding broadheads. Of course I also store 3 extra string/tips sets and a few extra broadheads. I have (2) slingshots, (1) Daisy and (1) Wristrocket with 45lb. pull surgical tubing. For slingshot ammo I keep several 1000 cheap marbles as well as some store bought steel ballbearings. I also have (1) Daisy pump up 177Cal./BB rifle and (1) C02 pistol. I could not count all the BB's I have since I have purchased these dudes since I was like 15 and I am now almost 60 years old. Other weapons, machetes, long knifes, hunting knifes, filet knifes, folding 6" sheath knife, several pair of numchucks which I have used for the past 22 years, throwing stars and a few other weapons that I cannot recall so late at night. One can never have enough weapons on hand I feel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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