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Primitive Living Skills

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I'm curious as to how many people on here are familiar with any kind of Primitive Survival. Meaning, knowing how to live off of the land with absolutely no modern tools or conveniences, where the only tools you have or need are ones that you create from the land around you. That kind of thing. Is there anyone who is proficient with that skillset here?
Because I am and I know that it is incredibly vauable knowledge to have, especially in a SHTF scenario. But I don't see much discussion on it.
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I think this is a valuable aspect of prepping. I'd say food and fire are the top two priorities in primitive living in the area where my BOL is. I'm reasonably sure I could build a trap for fish at my BOL. I'd like to master traps for land animals (dead fall traps, etc) and fire building. I also think I have found the soft wood required for a bow drill. I just need to find hard wood for the drill itself and then work it up from there.

Water would be reasonably simple. There is a spring up the hill which feeds a creek down the hill. Unless there is chemical poisoning or something else, stone boiling would probably be feasible (provided I master the fire building).

I've never gotten into flint napping, so I wouldn't know where to start there.

Grad school is about to heat back up for the last time. Maybe somewhere between graduation and my licensure exam/job hunting I can practice some of these skills more next spring/summer.
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