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Primitive Living Skills

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I'm curious as to how many people on here are familiar with any kind of Primitive Survival. Meaning, knowing how to live off of the land with absolutely no modern tools or conveniences, where the only tools you have or need are ones that you create from the land around you. That kind of thing. Is there anyone who is proficient with that skillset here?
Because I am and I know that it is incredibly vauable knowledge to have, especially in a SHTF scenario. But I don't see much discussion on it.
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I used to do this all the time in my younger years. I can still find water, build a good shelter (to keep dry and warm) in conditions from desert to deep snow, build traps to get food, build a bow and arrows to go with it, flint napping if there are materials available, and how to use bone for tips if there is no flint. I can make string and rope, fish hooks (though I would rather use traps), and knives from different materials. I can build an oven from rock and clay and dig a decent latrine. I can make paper from many kinds of materials and even make a decent felt hat from fur and plant resins.
It would take me longer now and there are some things that I used to do that I would not likely attempt today but the skills are still there. Heck! I can even make a wood lathe and forge from what their is around me in a good location.
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