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Primitive Living Skills

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I'm curious as to how many people on here are familiar with any kind of Primitive Survival. Meaning, knowing how to live off of the land with absolutely no modern tools or conveniences, where the only tools you have or need are ones that you create from the land around you. That kind of thing. Is there anyone who is proficient with that skillset here?
Because I am and I know that it is incredibly vauable knowledge to have, especially in a SHTF scenario. But I don't see much discussion on it.
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I study it, but am in no way an expert. Skill and mastery are two different things I've learned. I been playing guitar for over 25 years, everyday, many times falling asleep with it in my hands lying back on my bed and head on the pillows. If left to having no tools I'll make due with the knowledge and skill I have, but can always have more. Doing so would mean I messed up bad though and didn't prepare very well, and was caught in a region so far out I had no choice. Afterall, America and lots of the world, regardless of the worst shtf, will still be a massive salvage yard.
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