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1-6 months, natural disasters or economic collapse
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It may not be a matter of comfort.
If a person is stuck in a cycle of low to middle income, inflation, high energy prices, and crushing debt, what options do they legitimately have?
Sure, getting some land out in the sticks might be a good option. But that's not remotely within the scope of being realistically possible for a large percentage of folks.

I'm trying to engage you in your first thread on this site, but you're not offering much.
Give real ideas. Recommend potential life changes folks can make who may be struggling to achieve independence.

Your name suggests you're on a mission to alert people to what could be coming. Let's start there.
What do you feel is imminent that people who've not yet committed to doing something would be motivated by to get up and start working toward preparedness goals?
1 - 2 of 44 Posts