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How are others doing it? One word of advice is to take it slow with them right now. Do not get them all excited up about TEOTWAWKI situations, but gradually introduce them to stuff like hurricaine Katrina, tornados etc. If there has been a recent baby in the family, and they saw mommy get a hospital bag, relate the bug out bag to the same situation. Answer questions to yourself like you would be asked by a child. For example, think of a question they might ask. "Where would we go daddy if a tornado comes through out town and blows our house over". Answer back with an intelligent, no scary response, like "We would get our bags that we have prepped and go to grandmas in the next state"..... or "we would go to this or that hotel" in the next county.".

Just some things to think of.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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