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prepping in tornado areas

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With all the severe weather, tornados, flooding... how do you prep for something like that? if you havean underground spot then possible flooding rain, how could you prepare an underground space while being able to keep it from filling with water during floods. do you put yer preps down there? or to build an underground storm shelter on your bol.

how would you beable to do something like this that meets both extremes? and on a modest budget?
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Thank ya'll for the information. Inceptor, I need to come home. Im more scared of tornados than of the caliban. Im thinking if i can find a way to manage and prepare for variables then i can run out of excuses and get going. I then will need a spot with mountains or psuedo maountains to keep me happy and busy.

have you seen or heard of underground sheltering for say like a horse a coupla goats (cause they are freaking cute...& yummy) wouldnt that be wild!!! i ownder what these big asses ranches and barns do...
Texas needs to quit inviting people to come live there. The us as a whole need to get back in the business of offending each other.
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