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Prepping in Phoenix

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Just joined the site. I have planned on prepping for awhile now but have not actually done anything. I decided recently I was done just talking about it and I am going to do it. Talking is going to do nothing but leave me unprepared. I signed up for the forum to meet like minded people and learn. If you have any advice or book suggestions feel free to let me know.
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Wonderful! Great statement you mentioned about "I was done just talking about it and I am going to do it". It makes my blood boil to hear my family or coworkers state "I plan on doing this or that everytime a survival subject comes up, yet I sit back and watch them not do a damn thing about it!

Mel Tappan "On Survival" 1981, has been and always will be an inspiration to me. There is a lot of things he predicted in that book that is right on target. Remember, it was written about 31 years ago.

My daily goal is to learn one thing per day about protecting my family and increasing my survival thoughts and training. For simple things, it could be learning at least one morse code letter per day (writing it, tapping it etc) until you learn the entire alpha on it. Then again it could be as complex as learning how to emp proof your vehicle componets.

Welcome to the forum. I'm over in the hills of Kentucky.
Hey nice to meet you! Thanks for the advice I will keep that in mind. I am making a list and doing something everyday.
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hello gunner welcome to the sight that makes sense!
Welcome aboard Gunner. That Mel Tappen book is the one that I started with. Excellent book to start with
Gunner, welcome aboard!
I am glad you are making the move. Your family will be glad, too.
Now, the really hard part begins. Where to start !

I think if I were going to do it all over again, I would start with my pantry. I would stock up on things we already eat and just add to them until I know we could go about 2 weeks. Once there, then I would start with the bulk supplies. Depending on your budget, go as easy or fast as you like, but make a list while at home and not hungry first. Once you have a list , then try and stick to it. Even if you go slow but steady, you will be amazed at how fast it starts adding up. Pretty soon, you will be set for 6 months and then even more. Good luck !
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Great advice, sir!

As Nadja said, one thing at a time, and keep at it as best as possible.

You know your situation and your environment better than the rest of us. You can determine the local threats as well as the local advantages.

You made a good move by hanging out with these folks. There is a lot of info in a lot of threads. Root around and dig up what is useful to you. Share what you know about your area for others who share the same environment.
Here is another book Ihave that is excellent, especially for the beginner. It is called Checklist For Survival by Tony & Jo-ann Lesce. It was published in 1980 by Desert Publications, Corville, Arizona 86325
And the ISBN number is O-87947-441-6 I am pretty sure it is long out of print, but you may find one on
Amazon Books. Hope this helps out some
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