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Some form of shelter definitely(pup tent, emergency tent, heavy duty tarp in which case i suggest a ground tarp) I don't know how big the Gerber knife is, but since it's you're shopping on, look up the Cold Steel GI Tanto knife. That friggin' things is a tank. It's a full tang knife, around 11 inches long I think(It's in my bag and I don't feel like digging it out and measuring haha), really balanced in case you're feeling froggy and wanna throw it, can even be fashioned into a spear. The tanto blade design is awesome in my opinion and the overall flat black finish makes it look just bad ass. It comes with a great Secure-X sheath which holds the knife very securely. The knife is just overall hard to beat. I'm not sure what it's going for now, but I paid 19.99 for it and it was on another order of mine so the shipping was free. One last thing, that $1,000 cash in an assortment of bills, you might want to think about investing that in silver or like a little less than an ounce of gold. If the End of Days is a economic meltdown that leads to looting and rioting and the eventual total destruction of America's infrastructure, or anything that eventually leads to that, paper currency might be meaningless. Almost every country already has its own paper currency, so the American dollar is useless anywhere outside the US and Canada. But silver, gold, and platinum are the same physically, wherever you go. People will resort to the old way of doings things like bartering.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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