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Prepping for the first time...

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Hello everyone,

So I've been thinking to myself that eventual disaster is going to hit sooner or later, and I've been thinking about this for at least a couple of years now. I'm not sure if any of you play video games, but if you search "Fallout 3" or "Fallout: New Vegas", that's where I get the idea from. I came across a show called "Doomsday Preppers" on National Geographic channel, and it's pretty interesting stuff. So I decided to start prepping with just a BOB. I'm single, and just looking out for myself as my family are pretty harsh critics of anything I do. So you could imagine if they see my BOB. Oh the disaster! :shock:

Anyway, I've written down some things that I'd like to pack just incase of the unfortunate happens, whatever that may be. If you have the time, feel free to add anything that I could see myself using.

- Pain Reliever (Tylenol/Advil)
- Hunting Knife (x2) -Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife with Serrated Edge: Sports & Outdoors
- Bottled Water (~1L x2) + (~500ml x2) - Varies on how much I can carry.
- Lighters (~x5)
- Socks
- Sleeping Bag
- Blanket(s)
- Power Bars (~x2 boxes) - Varies on how much I can carry.
- Toothbrush/paste
- Deoderant
- Emergency Candles
- Work Gloves
- Hand Sanitizer
- Small Medical Kit
- Condoms
- Fire Starter - Gerber 31-000699 Bear Grylls Survival Series Fire Starter: Tools & Building Supplies
- Water Filter
- Water Purifier Tablets
- Passport
- Binoculars
- Small Tent
- Bug Repellent
- Toilet Paper
- $1,000 cash (assortment of bills)

I plan on packing everything I'll need in this: ALPS Mountaineering 2627207 Denali Internal BackPack, 5500 Cubic Inch (Olive): Sports & Outdoors

I've tested my body before, and even though it's very unhealthy to do so, I wanted to see the limits of what my body could handle with only 500 calories and 250ml of water per day. I lasted about a week before I felt my body beginning to crumble. Everyone says it's a 72 hour bag, but personally I think of it as if you apply what you need in your BOB to stretch it out for the longest of possibilities. In all honesty, (not gragging) with just a BOB full of what I need, I could probably last a month. As I stated with the test I did on my body, I'm confident that I could stretch it out so much that I'd be surviving on the bare minimum of what my personal body needs.

I'm 5"11, 170lbs and fit. Once I pack everything in the BOB, I'll be strapping it on my back at nighttime and walking around with it so I can get used to the weight of it. So when the worst happens, I'll be used to the weight and can easily travel longer distances before having to rest. Money isn't too much of an issue when I plan on purchasing these things. And for those who are thinking, "Get a gun!", well, I'm in Canada and we just can't walk into a store and simply buy a gun like the USA can, lol. :grin:

Thanks for hearing me out, and reading this. It's appreciated.

Any feedback/suggestions would be nice. It's my first time! :grin:
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Only suggestion I have, is to move south so you can walk in to a store and buy what you wish! :p
You can marry a lady friend here and live here 5 yrs or something like that you'll be good to go. If not, bows and crossbow are legal in canada right? I would go that route. Kevlar vests are ok at stopping bullets, but definitely not heavy arrows with steel broadheads on them. If you never saw a wound on a deer from a good broadhead and a compound bow, they are VERY nasty. A big bullet wound may well up with blood pretty good but a broadhead wound will literally gush like someone turned your faucet on.
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Multi-Tool with pliers, paracord, and a surplus G.I. Poncho that can double as a shelter.
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Some form of shelter definitely(pup tent, emergency tent, heavy duty tarp in which case i suggest a ground tarp) I don't know how big the Gerber knife is, but since it's you're shopping on, look up the Cold Steel GI Tanto knife. That friggin' things is a tank. It's a full tang knife, around 11 inches long I think(It's in my bag and I don't feel like digging it out and measuring haha), really balanced in case you're feeling froggy and wanna throw it, can even be fashioned into a spear. The tanto blade design is awesome in my opinion and the overall flat black finish makes it look just bad ass. It comes with a great Secure-X sheath which holds the knife very securely. The knife is just overall hard to beat. I'm not sure what it's going for now, but I paid 19.99 for it and it was on another order of mine so the shipping was free. One last thing, that $1,000 cash in an assortment of bills, you might want to think about investing that in silver or like a little less than an ounce of gold. If the End of Days is a economic meltdown that leads to looting and rioting and the eventual total destruction of America's infrastructure, or anything that eventually leads to that, paper currency might be meaningless. Almost every country already has its own paper currency, so the American dollar is useless anywhere outside the US and Canada. But silver, gold, and platinum are the same physically, wherever you go. People will resort to the old way of doings things like bartering.
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Nothing to keep your mind busy? I would get cards and maybe a book?
Old thread...2012
If it were me - and I've been prepping on and off for over 30 years now, I'd ditch the tent and sleeping bag - unless you plan on bugging out when it's 10 degrees outside and add a GI poncho and poncho liner. Adding a set of wool long underwear will help keep you warm down to about 25 - 30 degrees. Would definitey ditch the deoderient and add a zippo lighter. You didn't say what you're going to pack this in, If it's a Ruck an ALICE Pack Large with frame can be had cheaply although there are mre modern ones that are more comfortable. Are air rifle's available to you? If so, there are a couple of largebore 375, 45 & 50 caliber's using pre charged tanks that would give you a way of some self defense as well as putting big game type food on the table. Welcome
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