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Thank you both for your service!

The prepper in the video is actually from Maine. I'm waiting to bump into this guy on the street someday ;p

I love how he talks about Hollywood movies and how unrealistic and romanticized they are in their depiction of battles and war. It made me think of the opening D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan. That D-Day scene is probably one of the more realistic scenes I've watched. I love how the director tried to capture those moments of chaos and deafening noise that an invading soldier experiences. How a soldier struggles to endure through that level of chaos and intensity. I was going to post a link to the clip, but decided not to because it's pretty graphic. It is over on YouTube if you're interested.

I think he is very correct in what he is saying about the realities of war/hard times. I do think a lot of people (including preppers) are in fantasy land about what life during hard times is like. Whenever I hear someone say they don't have any kind of firearms or personal protection gear in their emergency plan I think of this video. Those people will be the first ones to go, especially if people know they have supplies and there are no laws or consequences for doing taking them. It paints a very dark picture of humankind, but it's the absolute truth. When things turn upside down, famine, murder, and raper become the reality and you need to be ruthless in protecting yourself and your family.

This guy and 'Southernprepper1' are my favorite YouTube preppers. They make me think about the stuff that no one else is talking about.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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