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prepper retreat for sale or barter in Costa Rica

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I have a 2br house in a very safe remote place in Costa Rica where one can easily live off the land. Will sell for 25k and will hold financing or trade if you have something I want.

Here is the ad
Great prepper retreat in countryside 25k $
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Did someone bash Costa Rica....

(I'm going to borrow Slippy's microphone and box)

Okay first... I think this would be a good start for a serious place to live. Costa Rica is the location my wife and I have picked out for our goal of retirement. Besides the list of things I love about Costa Rica and the safety factor (compared to ALL other Latin America) it has great surfing (my wife rolls my eyes everytime I mention that I want to retire on the beach in costa rica and surf and find a hot young Costa Rican wife).

As far as prepping... You are able to secure and bring firearms into Costa Rica if you are a legal resident; but you would have to be issued a carry permit. BUT it does limit the weapons you can bring in... no "weapons of war" such as AK or AR according to their laws.

What Costa Rica offers that is hard to find in most places (this does not apply to you lucky ones who have acers of land in the mountains/forest/farm land) - supply of food and fresh water, cheap ability to buy land and homes, and did I mention surfing... oh and fishing. Get tired of the Pacific treck across the country to fish on the right coast.

What sucks about Costa Rica (to a prepper) - Volcanos/earthquakes/Hurricanes - Yeah.. those can suck; but so can living in the range of a nuclear power plant, a military base/DC (Nuke target), a large American city, and Liberals. Also they have two not so friendly neighbors that if the world went to crap Costa Rica does NOT have a standing military. They could be overrun by "liberals"..err I mean terror and criminal elments from the north or south.

I could go all day on about Costa Rica. My parents purchased land and have built their retirement home down there about 10 years ago and I have not gone down there enough in my opinion.

Last.... wait is this his first post. Man was about to write a check out too....

(Hands microphone away and gets off box)

I was going to use my money I got from this Afican prince lottery thing I won to buy the house....

Side note if you want more information about Costa Rica: The Real Costa Rica. Everything you want or need to know about Costa Rica

(Things to get me interested in a topic: Costa Rica, Surfing, firearms, beer/alcohol, boobs, and DIY prepping ideas)
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