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Would love to talk, share advice, ideas, etc. with other preppers.
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This is something that I have been focusing on lately, picking up supplies and starting to do some reading on medical training. I would like to take some courses but the time just does not currently allow for it. I know how to take care of minor bumps and smaller cuts. The thing I need to start working on is seeing the signs of things that can be much worse.

Also I need to start learning about natural remedies. I have never been much of one to spend time reading but I am working on changing that. I picked up Doom and bloom's book recently (If you don't know who they are Google them). I am just about finished with the SAS survival guide and that is next. The more I read about medical treatment seems like one of the most important thing is how to help with the things you cannot see. Finding those are much more important that cut or slice in the skin.

Basically what I have come to and I am not expert by any stretch of the imagination but Knowledge is king when it comes to Medical treatment. If you are going to stock it know how to use it.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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