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Great topic!

I'm with you on the Encyclopedia of Country Living. I would add:

Cottage Economy -- William Cobbett. Published in 1821. Much has been learned since then, but much has also been forgotten, and there will be a lot to be said about looking to the past in a long-term SHTF scenario.

SAS Survival Handbook. Good reference work.

Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. A useful book if you plan to eat food.

Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening -- Sepp Holzer.. A good "farming" system for self-reliance in the temperate zones.

You Can Farm -- Joel Salatin. This book isn't on "survival farming", but the practicality of this guy's mindset and his integrated use of livestock make him a good resource.

The Trapper's Bible -- Dale Martin. A useful book if your aim sucks and you like to eat meat, or if you want to protect meat on the hoof/claw.

Coppicing & Coppice Crafts: A Comprehensive Guide. This one might take some explaining. It's basically a book about sticks. I'll just say two brief things about why it's worth having a book about. The first is that not all of what you can do with greenwood or coppice wood is obvious. Basically, these are skills that all temperate-living people knew how to do up until very recently, and they all have a multiplier effect on everything else you would stand to do in a self-reliance situation: heating, construction, farming, fishing, archery, storage, you name it. Secondly, it's a set of skills that goes to economy of scale. Woodworking techniques with the chainsaw, logging truck, and sawmill in mind will not cut it (no pun intended) in a survival scenario. And in the developed world, a lot of wood is going to be of a smaller diameter in young, low-quality forests. So basically you want to know how to manage small-diameter woodlots efficiently for fuel, fodder, and construction materials. The Brits have been doing it for hundreds of years.
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