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I'm good on fuses :D have a tool box of them. I've parted enough cars over the years, been to the pick a part 1000's of times. Of course I try to keep my cars from developing shorts :p

Have some spare parts for the old truck. Building a new motor as money permits. The existing motor is ok, but its tired. It'd be a decent spare motor, if nothing else was available. Just smokes blue (oil) a bit, has iffy compression, and probably has a burnt valve.

The other motor I'm building is going to be mild at 400hp. Oddly enough, it's going to be a mile master motor. Hoping to get about 20mpg with the OD trans

I have spare tires/rims, carbs, oils. Have wires (plug wires, and wire looms, plus rolls of wire). And have some extra body panels. Just for when I have to ram through traffic. Then I can fix the truck :)
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