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With everyone stocking beans and bullets, do you have a stock of medical equipment you keep on hand?

I mean not just basic medical,for those of you a ways off from a hospital, do you carry or keep a trauma kit nearby?
Do you know how and when to use it?

97% of preventable deaths occur from bleeding out. What is your hemorrhage control and plan to stop the bleeding?
I believe at minimum everyone should have close at hand a TQ, Compressed gauze, Chest seals, and Elastic bandages. Add on any extra kit you are trained to use or may be useful in your situation.

NPA’s and NCD’s do NOT belong in your IFAK,

Any medics in here with some input? Your preps are useless if you slip and fall on your knife and bleed out.
We control hemmoraging by direct pressure or a tourniquet as taught in Boy Scouts and First Aid 101.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts