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Pre Tokyo Nuke Tuna-left out in barn over winter

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While cleaning the barn recently I came across some canned tuna that spent last winter there.

It was bought before the reactors reacted in Japan , with a still good use by date.

The cans aren't bulged. I wondered are they safe for human consumption now?
This may come up for real in a SHTF event.
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Artic expedition found a canned food cache of Admiral Bird's that was 40+ years old. Had gone thru multiple freeze/thaw cycles. When they opened it, everything was fine. If it was ruptured from freezing or leaking, I'd be concerned. In a SHTF situation, be altruistic and give a suspect can to some in need.
Occupied Europe WWII the Allies were dropping supplies to resistance and sympathizers. In order to discourage usage of these supplies the Nazi's would poison some and leave it to be found by local population. The locals quickly learned to feed small portion to cat or dog first. paraquack I guess some one in need could fill the same function.
Of course, but do it because you're trying to help the poor guy, not trying to see if it kills him!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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