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There is no way to predict when or where a tornado will strike. If one forms outside of town then there is usually enough time to warn folks to get to a shelter but when it strikes at the town there is no notice. In this case there was only 12 minutes to contact folks and let them know that it was on the way. An EF-4 tornado is a monstrous thing that destroys virtually everything in its path.
A guy in a tower to sight and warn of tornados would just put another person in danger. The National Weather Service can spot areas that might form tornados but they don't always form and if you wrongly warn people too many times they start to ignore the warnings. Some people have shelters just outside or under their homes but most schools do not have shelters. Instead the schools are built to a higher standard of tornado resistance but an EF-4 or EF-5 (the strongest) can tear apart even the strongest buildings. I have never witnessed a large tonado but I watched an EF-0 (weakest) tornado shread a city water tower and lift a motor home off the freeway and turn it 180 degrees and then set it back down.
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