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Pork infused ammo paint now available at "INFIDEL OINKMENT"

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Pork infused ammo paint now available at "INFIDEL OINKMENT"

Help cure the infidel with this revolutionary "Infidel Oinkment"! Send these pork rounds down range and help put a stop to the martyrdom! Stop the infidel from obtaining their 72 virgins! Once I have sold 15,000 units a plane will be sent to the terrorist territories do drop pamphlets stating that we are now shooting at them with pork rounds that will defile their bodies before death making it impossible for them to enter their version of heaven! Support the war on terror and buy this defensive psychological weapon! This paint works on combat blades also! Buy it only at Big Bug Out Trucks bobbed deuce military surplus
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The Koran does not specify those virgins will be female.:oops:
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