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Planning for Orphans?

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In your scheme of things and prepping, do you account for the taking in of orphaned children and/or animals?

Everybody deals best with one age group or the other, which matters in a chaos. Orphans differ greatly too, which means pretending you don't see most and paying attention to traits fast. Kids of all ages can be some of the most ruthless and mindlessly cruel people one might encounter - imagine a group of 5 or 6 starving antifa about 15-18 and out of drugs.

Obviously street children who have lived ugly are prone to resort to it and didn't form the best bonds to begin with. You can't just take kids because they are "traumatized" or "need you" because you won't be able to carry the burden and the only purpose of taking orphans is their ability to help make it better for all. If you are going to carry useless, you need an army of useful first anyway.
Only in a worst case scenario would orphans be around anyway, but they are in ukraine now? When our govt reaches its small limit of Dixie cups, that's it? It can't even help 2 million i think? So even though there might be more resources and aid here, it will still leave many no one has anything for. How many govt ones will be sold anyway? If they can help 500,000 kids but keep taking them in, where do they go? There's only so many evangelicals.

Its something to think about that farm people always do when something big happens, because a farm can always grow more cheese and tobacco. Never enough herd gaurds. Movies always depict rural farmers taking people in....but they never depict the real rural, where the same "farmers" are all but slaving people and worse, so i would look for crops or animals anywhere offering...what's the use of you?
I could speculate all I wanted, but it will be whoever God sends, as it tends to work like that. Beware corner workers. Some will be there just to get a ride to your house so they can kill you and move in. Never allow help you can't be on top of and deal with, if they decide the same. There was an America full of dignity, honor and worthy ideals, and even then, bad times made abuses high. America is not the America of the 30s and exponentially more abuses of every kind will occur.

You say "none" now....but we haven't been where that is in nearly a hundred years and it might be wise to think about ahead of time just in case. Help is the main reason, but not the only one. A good woman with no kid can start to go kookers in a war, because "perceived hopelessness", the gnarly stuff she does see and because she "doesn't have a purpose" - a little bitty one will take care of that for you until its 5 or 6. They always get mooning for a baby before/during/after a war.
(This only applies to normal human female worth anything, that still has instincts. Not the hyenas and alley skanks that wouldn't warm up to one if you did save em)

What's your kingdoms policy on unattached outsiders? I got crops, blacksmith shop, lab, livestock and security to do. I'm not sure myself, but its something i think about the benefits and risks of
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Everything is situational but I would like to believe that I would do everything I could to ensure lost or orphaned children ended up with their surviving family members. If it got to the point where groups were using them as scouts or even worse as has been done in conflicts like Vietnam or various countries in the War on Terror then I don't know what I would do. I would also do what I could for abandoned pets. I guess I have soft spot for helpless things.
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FEMA has an online course for "Animals in disaster" and its easy. My thinking is that if you have animals and red cross or fema comes along, they can't say you are "untrained" and everything else they try to disable citizen-citizen aid and pass out their crap.
I googled that course and it looks like it was designed more for responders and emergency planners than it does for citizens. I don't think FEMA would be coming for your pet, if anything happens they are going to have far greater problems to worry about.
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