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Pizza and Tonight I

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Tonight I ordered two pizzas with lite cheese and EXTRA sauce. I always order that way. I got no sauce and little cheese. Guess the race and nationality of the three employees working tonight. If you guessed Caucasian US citizens you are correct. I cannot remember a Hispanic, who I can hardly understand, ever getting my order wrong. It is a good thing unemployment is so high. Can you imagine these three doing something important. I say we need to import more Hispanics so I can get my pizza order correct.
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The level of pure stupidity from this post is outstanding... Ever hear the term think before you speak...

It's that very same bibble babble bullshit that is getting all the hispanics free college and healthcare while those that are natural born are getting screwed over...

If you dont have something intelligent to say I would like to ask politely that you just dont post.
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