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Piston conversion vs complete piston upper

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I was pricing out the base model adams mid length kit and parts separate.

For about $639 I can cobble one together with a blem upper at PSA when all the parts show up in stock, or order a complete adams arms upper for $639 ;-)

This is the base model with the M4 handguards.
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IDK what carrier tilt is/means,but I can see the buffer tube dings.
Di vs Piston
Before making a decision maybe it would be good to know just how much an M4 can take and remember if you have an AR-15 16" barrel you are probably going to be shooting it semi-auto. - Torture-Test of Colt M4 - Fired Full Auto Until it Catches Fire
And what does that have to do with a piston AR ? Us Yankees can understand the text of an OP :lol:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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