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Piecemeal First Aid Kit

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Hi All. First legit post here (other than in the Intro forum)
I was just excited to share about my latest prep endeavor. One supply area that I was never happy with was my first aid supplies. I would buy 1 small item here or there, but never had it orderly or inventoried. I looked online at some pre-packaged EMS kits (ALS and BLS kits) and was blown away by the price. I always love how they list those kits by the number of supplies: "Over 350 Pieces!!!"...then 250 of them are just different sized bandaids. So, I set out to put together my own. It took a while....but I'm happy to say that for less than half the cost of those pre-packaged kits, I was able to put together a top notch Home/BO kit that rivals anything I had found online, as well as a kit for each vehicle AND 2 smaller kits that could be tossed in a backpack, range bag, or tackle box.

If you are in the spot I was in....don't be tempted to just drop maximum $$ on those pre-assembles kits. If you take the time and piece your kit together, you are going to be much happier...and have some cash left over to take the wife out for a nice dinner (or buy that bulk box of Lake City 5.56x45's).

Be good. Be safe.
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Anyone willing to put a list up of what they have in their put together first aid kit? I would like to take a look at it as I am trying to do the same thing right now but finding it hard!

Brandon, I have an full inventoried list of stuff, although it's not with me at the moment. But I'll try to list, from memory, most of what I put together:
Various size gauze pads, all sterile (2x2, 3x3,4x4) Probably 80 in total
Gauze wrap (20 yards total)
3 rolls medical tape
Ace bandages (various sizes)
non-stick sterile pads (for burns)
Butterflys (20)
tons of bandaids (various sizes and uses..waterproof, knuckle bandages, etc.)
finger splints
rubber gloves
zip lock bags
tongue depressors
50% isopropyl Alcohol (32 oz)
hydrogen peroxide (32 oz)
Burn cream
tea tree oil
rescue inhaler
triple antibiotic ointment
various OTC meds
cotton balls
cotton swabs
cleansing wipes
earloop face masks
waterproof matches/lighter (to sterilize stuff)
safety pins
super glue (good for closing wounds in a pinch)
eye cup
wrapped hard candies
paracord (there's just so many uses for the stuff, I put lengths of this in every pack/case/vehicle that I have)
$$ (I stick a $20 in just about every pack/bag/gear box I never know when you need some cash fast)
headlamp w extra batteries

I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff that forgot to mention, but that's a good start. There's still stuff that I need to add, Quikclot, of example...and then there's some next level stuff that I will be adding over time (suture kit, IV stuff, epipen, prescription antibiotics).

hope this helps.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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