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Piecemeal First Aid Kit

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Hi All. First legit post here (other than in the Intro forum)
I was just excited to share about my latest prep endeavor. One supply area that I was never happy with was my first aid supplies. I would buy 1 small item here or there, but never had it orderly or inventoried. I looked online at some pre-packaged EMS kits (ALS and BLS kits) and was blown away by the price. I always love how they list those kits by the number of supplies: "Over 350 Pieces!!!"...then 250 of them are just different sized bandaids. So, I set out to put together my own. It took a while....but I'm happy to say that for less than half the cost of those pre-packaged kits, I was able to put together a top notch Home/BO kit that rivals anything I had found online, as well as a kit for each vehicle AND 2 smaller kits that could be tossed in a backpack, range bag, or tackle box.

If you are in the spot I was in....don't be tempted to just drop maximum $$ on those pre-assembles kits. If you take the time and piece your kit together, you are going to be much happier...and have some cash left over to take the wife out for a nice dinner (or buy that bulk box of Lake City 5.56x45's).

Be good. Be safe.
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Couldn't agree with your piece of helpful advice more. I went through the same delima when getting set up, I mean really set up.

The dollar store is your friend here! Wally World is a pretty handy resource for this too although not my favorite place to shop. But budget prices are always a good thing. I filled a three day sized camo day pack to the hilt for just a few bucks and could probably go a couple of years before running out of stuff I need. I used the clear flat plastic plano tackle boxes (youd be amazed and how much crap you can cram into one of these!) and small plastic organizing totes from Walmart to organize it all and keep things readily accessable. It worked kick butt although it doesn't look as pretty as the fold out canvas first aid bags with all the whistles and bells, but then it was a helluva lot cheaper too!
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If you need something a little more compact another good item to assemble your first aid kit in is one of those "Tournment Worm Fishing Bags" the Bass Pros on the circuit sometimes use. Just buy an extra bag of spare slips to go in it. The heavy duty zip lock bags hold a lot, hold it in a organized manor and make everything easily accessible. They don't weight much, they are easily cleaned and they can be crammed into the nooks and crannies of anyone backpack. Just a thought to consider for those going this route...
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