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Paracord Projects

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One of the handiest things you can have in survival / camping / SHTF / who knows what situations is good strong cord. The more you can carry with you the better. Lets see some of the cool ways you guys have thought up to bring a good supply.

Seeing the thread on brought this subject to mind. It's where I got the stuff. I found several patterns online and credit my wife 100% on making my idea's reality. ;D

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Found pics of this guys stuff on Google. Especially like the ammo holder bracelet! And the clasp he used with an emergency whistle in it is slick. BTW, you can buy all kinds of plastic or metal clasps cheap on Ebay. The plastic ones are AMAZINGLY strong.

My Paracord Projects - Imgur
Thanks for the link! I've got a MILE of this stuff in black I've been wondering what to do with. Next project... BELT! :D
Knot tying is definitely an "art". I try to come up with handy ways to carry paracord because in a survival situation, or even if you just get turned around on a hunting trip and end up spending the night in the woods, cord is PRICELESS! You can do anything with it! Use it to tie up your rain parka for shelter, make a hammock, tie up meat away from predators, pull out individual strands and use it for fishing and snares (550 paracord has 7 internal strands), lashing for making a litter, or splint, or shelter, or raft... How long would you like me to go on? :D :D

Cordage is arguably the single most valuable tool you can have if SHTF. If your willing to get a blister or two, fire only requires a couple sticks.

Been putting together an order with my wife, and these are on my list of wants. Knot Playing Cards - Learn to Tie Knots
Latest creation. It has dividers between each magazine to keep them separate. Haven't field tested it yet, but the magazines slip in and out slick as owl shat. ;)

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A trick I learned is that you can wash paracord in HOT water and it'll shrink. So if you make a bracelet or anything and it's to big, just soak it in hot water a little while and let it dry. When it shrinks it also stiffens up, and anything you've "weaved" obviously becomes tighter.

Tested this with a couple brands of 550. Seems pretty consistent.
After getting out for field testing I found the magazines flopped around a little to much, and the whole pouch flopped around on my belt. I snugged up the cord around the top, and changed the belt loops as shown. Problems solved! Works great now and the magazines still slip in and out without a hitch. :)
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