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Paracord Projects

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One of the handiest things you can have in survival / camping / SHTF / who knows what situations is good strong cord. The more you can carry with you the better. Lets see some of the cool ways you guys have thought up to bring a good supply.

Seeing the thread on brought this subject to mind. It's where I got the stuff. I found several patterns online and credit my wife 100% on making my idea's reality. ;D

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I've used paracord to wrap knife/ammo can handles, as well as gun stocks, and made dog leashes, lanyards, and rifle slings out of the stuff. I got a bunch on sale cheap, and was bored one weekend lol
I just saw that hat band, I'll have to do that! Didn't think of it...
I made a dog leash, just a simple single pass one color knot (I prefer using one line/color, to have the whole uninterrupted length if needed). I used around 80 feet, plus it can be coiled up pretty small. But yes, I see how much people ask for paracord items, makes me feel good that I can make my own!
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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